Rear-off parker is fully liable in the event of an accident


Rear-off parker is fully liable in the event of an accident



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The court condemned a motorist to have to carry the accident damage alone. He had collided with a car when reversing from a parking lot. The Higher Regional Court found that a motorist who wanted to be classified in current traffic had special due diligence obligations. This is especially true when resetting on the road. For the benefit of the other party to the accident, it may be assumed in these cases that the accident was unavoidable for him. Therefore, a joint liability is out of the question.


Health insurance: No reimbursement, but better benefits


Health insurance: No reimbursement, but better benefits

Berlin – The majority of the statutory health insurance wants to involve its insured with better benefits instead of repayments to the billion surpluses. Neither Barmer GEK nor DAK nor the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkassen (AOK) plan to pay their insured premiums. This is the result of a poll published on the weekend by the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche”.

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The statutory health insurance funds have accumulated 21.8 billion euros in financial reserves. Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP) told the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, the financial health insurance would probably even better. Calls of the minister to the health insurance funds to pay out surpluses as premiums to the members have so far only met with the approval of the Techniker Krankenkasse and the Hanseatic Health Insurance Fund.

Bahr insists on abolition of the practice fee

According to a survey by the magazine “Focus”, 84 percent of the funds strive to offer their members more benefits. These included the reimbursement of costs for dental cleaning, fitness and prevention courses. Partly paid funds also for alternative medical treatments. The “Focus” survey, which found that 81 statutory health insurance companies participated, found that at least 19 of them had specific plans for reimbursement, notably smaller health insurances. In 74 percent of the cases, the payout for 2012 will be between 50 and 100 euros.

According to “Wirtschaftswoche”, the health insurants who want to pay back their insured persons are BKK Wirtschaft und Finanzen and G + V BKK. The BKK ATU paid each member 30 euros back, wrote the paper. The ten largest funds, which together have around 34.5 million members, were surveyed.

Bahr insisted in the “Hamburger Abendblatt” on the abolition of the practice fee. “The FDP is putting pressure because the practice fee has not served its purpose.” He sees “opportunities that we can convince the Union to abolish it.” He did not want to be congenial to the Union at the practice fee. “The abandonment of the practice fee alone is so convincing that it does not have to be coupled with other topics,” he said.


Stock Market Investing Lessons Explain Why Associated With Stocks Change

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Amazingly, the simple moving average could be the only indicator, out of the many available, that most highly prosperous financial traders, like Vince Stanzione, use. It is inevitably used in double format, electronic. g. A 5 day time moving average and a seventy-five day moving average. Once the shorter moving average passes across the longer one it is a signal – to buy (or close a short position) in case moving up, and to sell (or close an extended position) in case moving down.

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Solar Panels Diy-Convert Yours Home To Solar Energy

Unhealthy credit card debt settlement ratings become a significant disadvantage in this type of a predicament, low scores can lead you to further disapprovals in the event that you apply for any credit in the foreseeable future.

Gold is an extremely valuable item and anybody who owns may also be amount understands that its monetary value is significant. For many people, it’s a reliable form of savings since doesn’t get affected by inflation or any problems caused by the financial crisis that banks encounter when economies immediately under or challenge. But instead of holding on to the precious metal, you may benefit more if you sell gold.

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What is missing in this particular calculus may be the fact we are within months of a monster currency crisis may reveal actual truth is that mess we in and which will dictate an extremely painful outcome for decades to seem to be. This currency crisis is the hidden results all the stimulus. We’re right previously calm for the storm. This economic misinformation is nothing but the government shills wondering how these people fool the masses just one more year.